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Zac Efron Looks Much Happier With A Boy. Plus They Can Share Makeup 06.Aug.2008

Who do you love? Holy shades of Toothy Tile. I don't care what the Disney spin machine says; I still think he hates Vanessa.

But look at him with fellow pretty boy Chace Crawford. That's two boys that would love to create some gossip. Or at least some delicious friction. It'll probably never happen, though. Unlike his horny, hairy co-star, Zac keeps his freak on a tight leash. He'll do the beard with Vanessa, but I don't think his heart's in it.

And Chace? Word on the street is he's got a sweet thing going with his co-star and roommate Ed Westwick. They've been reportedly "openly making out" on the set (awfully bold, if true) and they seem really chummy in the pictures I've seen. If they are a couple, they're kinda cute together, and certainly more believable than Aubrey O'Day and Lydia Hearst. Lydia makes Paris look honorable - that's a crazy rich bitch that'll do anything for money and attention.