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Anatomy Of A Break-up: Jessica Biel Finally Sees Justin For The Self-centered Arrogant Little Bitch That He Is. 13.Sep.2007

Get away from meGet away from meThe girl tried. Jessica gave Justin the benefit of the doubt in their short-lived romance when he pulled that tortured-artist-needs-space routine. Her friends tried to warn her, but were forced to watch helplessly as their once vivacious friend became withdrawn and insecure, ready to drop everything at a moment's notice to go running to his side only to be discarded once again when he was done.

The two were spotted leaving a medical center after a joint appearance that was scheduled when they were still together (if that's what you want to call it). They kept it together inside, but once they got outside the fur began to fly, with Jessica for once giving as good as she got, forcing Little Man Timberlake to beat a hasty retreat. What's next for Jessica? She'll probably head back to the gym to bench that man right out of her hair. As for Justin, he was spotted leaving an after-party with Rihanna after the VMA's. She's much younger, and probably much more easily impressed. Good riddance, you twerp