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Squinty Mclaughlines Demonstrates Her Technique For Landing (ahem) Leading Roles 08.Apr.2008

Renee, stop it. Cut it out. They're taking pictures.Yeah, this was right about the time George's girlfriend stepped in between the frisky co-stars, before Renee commenced showing her hands-free, no-spill technique to inquiring journalists. "I learned this from one of my co-stars a few movies ago," Renee may have said. "Everybody always wonders how she gets all these plum roles; now you know." Gives Leatherhead(s) a whole new meaning, doesn't it?

Whatever Renee's feeble excuse for forgetting all those cameras when tempted by the closeness of the Clooney, she probably won't face much fallout. It's doubtful anyone much cares if she's around or not. It's not that she doesn't have talent, it's just that she always looks like she's passing a gall stone. Perhaps she should lighten up a bit when she's off camera ... and get a new stylist. All of her dresses look the same.