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Dump 'n' Dash: Tony Ditched Jessica In Ihop Parking Lot, Never Looked Back 25.Jul.2009

But I wanted a Fribble!Wow. I used to feel sorry for the Romo, that he was thrust into the spotlight and trapped in the family from hell, just because he loved Jess. Now that the dust is settling we're starting to see exactly how he was able to survive Camp Simpson for so long - he's a douche, too! Apparently he fit right in.

This week's Enquirer has the dish on the final battle of Yoko Romo. The doomed couple was riding around in a car for three hours when he finally snapped and ditched her in the parking lot of an IHOP. Was it all that sexting from John Mayer? Or was it the Ken doll thing? Either would be grounds enough for a split, especially for a guy who was just looking for a good excuse to jet.

Tony has wasted little time in moving on, hooking up with multiple bimbos one night and a cougar the next, while Jessica is said to be hanging with her girlfriends and contemplating rebound sex with Mayer. She shouldn't even bother: She could do so much better, and you know he'll just gossip about it to the tabloids.