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Twilight Kicked James Bond And Hannah Montana's Ass At The Box Office. Not To Mention, Every Vampire Movie Ever Made. 24.Nov.2008

Bella and EdwardNever underestimate the power of obsessed teenage girls. Twilight made $70 million at the box office this weekend and was greenlit for a sequel. They will see a movie four times in 48 hours. How do you think Titanic made all that money? Though I must say, I think Robert Pattinson gives both Leonardo and Zac Efron (who are now buddies by the way which must make Zac so happy) a run for their money in the looks and talent department. The formula is simple: Get a hot, young talented cast, add some romance and some blood-suckers and you've got a hit. The chemistry between Bella (Kristin Stewart) and Edward (Pattinson) was palpable and everyone from Esme (Elizabeth Reaser) to Bella's Birthday (Billy Burke) was perfectly cast. Plus, the vampires totally made the pale, not tan look pretty hot so there is hope for me yet.Robert Pattinson