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Sean Preston Is A Good Big Brother To Frightened Little Jayden. 25.Sep.2007

The brothers Federline"Don't worry, little bro," Sean Preston whispers. "When the crazy light people are around Mommy drives slow. It's only when she's driving us back to Daddy's that she goes a little too fast."

That has to be the best picture of the two Federline boys yet. They're really sticking together through all of this craziness. I'd like to say it's the calming influence of Daddy's house, but I hate to give that fop any more credit than I have to. Likewise on the grandparents. Britney didn't just wake up crazy one day; it's in the genes.

Maybe all this media attention will help those crazy parents straighten out their acts for the kids' sakes. There's more going on here than meets the eye, though. K-Fed was supposed to be on Larry King the other night, and mysteriously backed out at the last minute. Hasn't he done enough damage? He's going to milk this until he's either got all of her money or she's locked up in the loony bin ... or worse. As for Britney, one of the criminal charges brought against her last week was driving without a valid driver's license, yet here she is, driving everywhere, every day. Did she suddenly buy a valid license, or are the cops afraid of pulling her over?