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Guess What Mischa Was Doing Before She Got Popped For Dui? The Same Thing She Does Every Day, All Day. Rehab Would Be Too Kind 28.Dec.2007

Puffing behind the wheel the day before her arrestShe had to do something. She had to find a way to keep her name in the spotlight. Unable to find a willing sperm donor, Mischa did the next best thing ... she got popped for DUI. The stupid bitch didn't even have a valid license. She drives all over town while smoking pot, most recently the day before her arrest. TMZ says that in addition to suspicion of DUI, she was also charged with possession of marijuana and a controlled substance.

Mischa's drug use is old news. Last summer she allegedly freaked out on coke and mushrooms at Nicole Richie's Memorial Day party, ending up at the hospital. She hasn't been seen with Nicole in public since. It seems to run in the family as well. Younger sister Hania has done her time in rehab. Pictures of Hania with a mouthful of what appeared to be coke or meth showed up on the web last year.

With her arrest Mischa stands to lose the only steady job she has left, endorsing Keds. You can hardly blame them - no company would want to be associated with a sloppy drunken stoner who would sleep with both Brandon Davis and Cisco Adler. Guh-ROSS.