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Creepy Criss Angel Stole Beacher's Cat For Peanut Butter Games 15.May.2009

Is this the kitty in question? You just know he did. That or something even sicker. He's a slimy sleazebag, and I can't imagine him having compassion for small animals.

But stealing a cat? That's low. Stealing the cat given to a man by his dying parents, and then refusing to give it back for two years, is obnoxious. Leaving harassing messages on the guy's machine saying stupid shit like "The cat no longer likes you" and 'The cat and I have become close friends" is f**king repulsive. Who does this little greasetrap think he is?

Jeff Beacher, the man who lost his parents' cat to this pathetic douchebag, is now threatening to sue if he doesn't get his lost pussy back. He better move quickly; this flash in the pan won't be worth squat if he keeps trying to make people Believe in his cheesy special effects.