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Can It Be? After All These Years? Stephen And Lauren Together? Plus Milo And Hayden? Why??? 10.Jan.2008

Lauren and StephenUS Weekly has reported that Lauren Conrad and her long-time friend Stephen Colletti are together now!!! It only took them dating a bunch of losers to get to eachother. Lauren was with ex-convict and rehabber Jason Wahler and Stephen was with Hayden Pannetiere who is now of course with Milo Ventimiglia. Milo is 30 to Hayden's 18 which is weird to start plus she is so friggin' annoying! Milo used to date Alexis Bledel who looks and seems like the absolute polar opposite of Hayden but then again Hayden tried to save dolphins so she is probably pretty deep. She did wear a bikini during a news interview though so do the math. Also, speaking of bikinis, Lauren Conrad is on the cover of the new issue of Shape Magazine and she looks ridiculously good! Even without the air-brushing she would look really good!!LC on Shape MagazineMilo and Hayden