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Bff & Baby Looks Super Cute Despite Its Title! 12.Nov.2010

Kate and Krysten on setThe plot seems a little silly. Three best friends' (who are roommates) lives are disrupted when one of them (Krysten Ritter) gets pregnant. Well I think it is Krysten Ritter. It is hard to tell since no one has sported a pregnancy bump yet but I am pretty sure there is no scientific way Kate Bosworth (roomie #1 and the main star) could get pregnant since the baby would weigh more than her and Rachel Bilson (roomie #2) is not too far behind her. In other Rachel Bilson news, she is back together with ex-fiance Hayden Christensen. I guess once you go Jedi you can never really go back. Kate has been getting some male visits herself from her bf Alexander Skarsgaard. This is in between takes of making out with Weeds cutie Justin Kirk for the movie. Krysten has been posting a bunch of silly pics The film is also getting a lot of attention right now because the girls are sporting such cute outfits. All of them show off Kate's 18 chest bones really well. Kate and Justin on setRachel Bilson on setKate B on setKate on set