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Danielynn Continues Whirlwind First Birthday Celebration By Flying Daddy To Hawaii. Now If She Could Only Get Him Lei'd. 24.Sep.2007

The wheels on the bus go round & round ...Hey, it's been a while. Larry's still a pretty young guy; he's got his needs. Plenty of girls are willing to take celebrity pics with him, but since the mutual-oral-gratification-with-Howard-K. rumors they won't even kiss him on the lips. He's starting to worry about carpal tunnel syndrome.

But little Danielynn is a thoughtful lass. When throwing a ridiculously lavish birthday party for herself didn't cheer him up, she called Uncle Howard and booked a first class getaway to Hawaii. She also put the word out in the nursery room that Daddy's available and that pesky little thing with Uncle Howard was a one-time thing.

"Hang in there, Daddy," Danielynn would say if she could. "We'll find you someone, even if we have to travel all around the world, first class. It's what Mommy would have wanted. Really."

In other Anna Nicole news, the coroner's inquest into brother Daniel's death, just days after Danielynn's birth, has finally been scheduled for October 30. This thing has been postponed and rescheduled for over a year now. Daniel was a nice kid who somehow got mixed up in the crazy games Howard K. was playing, and it cost him his life. It was also the beginning of the end for Anna Nicole, and it would be just to put an end to all the mystery surrounding his demise. Not to point fingers, but why would Howard want Daniel dead? What did he know? Was Howard about to lose his mealticket? I hope these questions will finally be answered, but with these characters you never know.