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The 23rd Season Of Scrubs Is Actually Quite Funny 04.Dec.2009

Scrubs season 9It is actually the 9th season but you get it. And contrary to what I thought, they even got Zach Brafff to stick around for a couple of episodes even though he repeatedly tries to leave the show every year. The new season focuses more on the Winston University medical school (which is linked to Sacred Heart I think) and its new class of students. The new medical students include Kerry Bishe as Lucy Bennet (she is pretty much the female version of Zach? s character and is the narrator and makes funny faces like him) Michael Mosley as Drew Suffin ( a second time round medical student) and Dave Franco, brother of General Hospital? s James Franco, as Cole Aaronsen (a ladies man whose family gave a lot of money to the hospital.) Eliza Coupe is back as Denise Mahoney and is still quite funny as the tough, no-nonsense attending physician who is now a student advisor. Donald Faison, Judy Reyes and John C. McGinley are also back as regulars and Sarah Chalke (who is pretty pregnant in real life) will also be stopping by. The usual goofiness is still there and though there are a lot of new characters the humor is still the same. The show is on ABC on Tuesday nights.