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Why Do We Know Everything That Is Happening On Glee Next Season??!! 04.Aug.2010

GleeI mean I get that giving a few hints about what is happening next season but now I feel like I don't even need to watch! We pretty much have been given extensive plot lines for the first six episodes of the season plus all the casting! We know that there is a Britney Spears episode that will focus on the character of Britney and will require Matthew Morrison to shave his head, Cheyenne Jackson (the robot on 30 Rock) will become the new head director of the rival glee club whose name I can't remember which result in Idina Menzel also making an appearance, Carol Burnett will play Sue's mother (who may be a Nazi? ), Kirk will get a love interest, there will be new kids in the club and of course, John Stamos will be playing the love interest dentist for Emma. And I assume there will be some singing. Take a few tips from Mad Men Glee and leave us a little in the dark. Have you ever seen scenes for a new episode of Mad Men? They actually don't tell you anything. They just string random words and pictures together and pretend they are revealing.