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The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader Trailer Is Here! 22.Jun.2010

The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn TreaderOkay so the name isn't very catchy but they are trying to stick with the original titles so give them credit. Plus a lot of those Harry Potter titles don't exactly slip off the tongue . Anyway this is the third film in The Chronicles of Narnia series and those kids are getting old. It looks like this story focuses more on Lucy (Georgie Henley) and Edmund (Skander Keynes who is starting to become a cutie) and their journey back to Narnia with their cousin Eustace (hot name) where they see even more weird creatures and hang out with that hottie Prince Caspian (Ben Barnes). It looks like the older Pevensies have brief cameos but the younger ones and that charming mouse and Lion will carry the film.