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The Golden Globe Nods Are Here!! Glee Leads The Pack!! And The Hangover May Win Something Besides An Mtv Award. 15.Dec.2009

Glee!Move over Mad Men. Those dorky musical theater kids have got a song to sing and no one, not even Don Draper or Tina Fey, are going to rain on their really big, gay parade. Matthew Morrison. Lea Michele and of course Jane Lynch were all nominated for their roles and the show was also nominated for best comedy. Now people like to say the Globes are the precursor to the Oscars but that is absolutely false because I don? t think The Hangover is going to be nominated for an Oscar even though it completely rocked. The films you could have guessed like Up in the Air, Invictus, Precious, A Single Man, Inglorious Bastards, Nine and The Young Victoria (yah Emily Blunt!) got nominated but so did (500) Days of Summer, It? s Complicated, Julie & Julia, The Hangover and Avatar which is hopefully different than the Oscars. It is great to see young actresses Emily Blunt and Carey Mulligan be nominated for their work in their respective films but they may have some stiff competition from Sandra Bullock, the comeback kid. Young VictoriaThe back-flippin? Joseph Gordon Levitt will have some stiff competition from Matt Damon and Daniel Day Lewis in the best actor category as well. What seemed to be missing was everyone, except Stanley Tucci, from the very dark The Lovely Bones. The television categories were pretty boring except for a few names like Glee and Julianna Margulies from The Good Wife as well as Thomas Jane from Hung. With host Ricky Gervais, it should be a very interesting night. Dianne Kruger, John Krasinski and Justin Timberlake(? ) presented the nominations this morning. Here is a link to the official Golden Globes website: InvictusAn Education