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Richard Grieco: Another 80s Hottie Butters And Toasts His Face 21.Aug.2007

Maybe I'm showing my age. Maybe they just don't make 'em like that anymore. Does anyone out there remember Richard Grieco? He was Johnny Depp's co-hottie on 21 Jump Street, and had his own show, Booker, for a while. Then poof! He was gone.

Where did he go? Why, he went to that mysterious fourth dimension where former heartthrobs go to lick their wounds, burn out their septums and piss away their residual money. And once they sober up, what do they do to relive their glory days? See for yourself:

Such lovely cheekbones!

Well, he looks happier than he used to, but that's only because he's not being paid to brood. What is he being paid for? I dunno, but I guess he can't afford a decent haircut. Then again, if he cuts the mop, he exposes the receding hairline - and possibly those pesky little plastic surgery scars that can sometimes be seen behind the ears. Not to say he's got them, but he does look mighty tight in the face - his cheeks are so tight he gets dimples next to his nose when he smiles. I wonder if you can hear the tendons creaking.