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Everybody And Their Mother Is A Covergirl 25.Jul.2007

Drew BarrymoreDrew Barrymore, the newest addition to the CoverGirl family, just finished shooting her commercial. Drew Barrymore and Rihanna are both now CoverGirls. I am pretty sure they ask someone new every month. I guess the criteria is to look very fresh-faced which I must say Drew has been looking lately. I find this constant circulation of fresh faces so frustrating though. The minute I get connected to say Queen Latifah, I then start seeing Keri Russel in ads. It is so disconcerting. And there is still Queen Latifah, Keri, Molly Sims, Tyra Banks, Faith Hill and of course, Christie Brinkley. And let's not forget all the America's Next Top Model Winners that get contracts. They of course only have one ad because there is no such thing as a top model anymore because actresses are on the cover of magazines now and are skinny enough to wear model clothing. Only Giselle is the current top model and no one can top her. Trust me, I've tried, I am sure Drew and Rihanna will only last for a month before friggin' Jennifer Garner will be asked.