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Big & Blonde: Jordan Aka Katie Price Introduces Hair Products Specially Designed For Weaves, Wigs & Extensions. Class-say! 25.Oct.2007

Jordan! Katie! : Whoever she is, she's nauseating.

With no shame in her game, Jordan AKA Katie Price AKA SUPERBOOB was at Superdrug in London today primping and pimping her new range of Jordan Haircare Electricals, products specially designed for weaves, wigs and various hair extensions.

[In case you're unfamiliar with Jordan (Katie Price) who is kind of a big deal in the UK, here's a brief snippet on her from : "Although she was already a well-established model, with frequent appearances on Page 3 and in men's lifestyle magazines to her credit, Jordan still had a feeling of insecurity about her breast size, and believed that implants would look better. Her parents, friends, and photographers with whom she had worked were against the idea. Nevertheless, the operation went ahead, and her cup size increased from a B to a E. She has stated that she "always felt that [she] looked flat-chested when [she] stood next to other girls on the glamour circuit".]

What is she, the English Jessica Simpson? Has Ken Paves taken over the world and is now forcing tacky blonde weaves on every semi-famous person he comes into contact with or what? Where's his freakish blonde mop hiding in this one? ! I know his creepiness has got to behind this somehow.

If you're not instantly blinded by the ridiculous amount of hair pouring out of this woman's head, or her blaring orange tan, you might notice that she is wearing a pink sailor outfit. A grown woman in a sailor outfit. A pink sailor outfit at that.

Someone please remind me, what exactly is she famous for again? Or better yet, WHY?