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Kate And Owen Would Have Very Blond And Happy Babies 14.May.2007

Blond on blondKate Hudson has finally gotten Owen Wilson to give up his bachelor ways and commit to her making them the blondest couple in America. It is reported that last Thursday night while the Wilson brothers were celebrating the completion of their film, The Wendall Baker Story, Ms.Hudson accompanied the brothers Wilson to the after party where Owen? s eyes were only on her. Owen and Luke are both known for being serial daters with very high profile women like Sheryl Crowe (Owen), Drew Barrymore (Luke), Gwyneth Paltrow (Luke), etc. But it seems that Kate has finally tamed the womanizing Owen. Women love his humor, his adorable comedic delivery and of course, that mop top of hair. Kate should be happy. Her last husband looked like one of the elves in Lord of the Rings but not in a good Orlando Bloom kind of way. It is amazing that anything positive came out of the film ? You, Me and Dupree? which was actually supposed to pass for a comedy.