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Seinfeld Defends Recipe Snatching Wife, Says Snatchee Is A "wacko" 30.Oct.2007

The Bee and the BookthiefMaybe Jerry Seinfeld is one of those people who can't read a calendar - or maybe he's so rich he's forgotten what one looks like. That's what he pays others for. Or maybe the Seinfelds are the arrogant nouveau riche types Dominick Dunne is always writing about, and they think they can get away with anything. After all, she gave Oprah $20,000 in pricy shoes. That's the sound of a sole getting greased instead of a palm.

Earlier this week on the CBS Late Show Seinfeld told David Letterman, "One of the fun facts of celebrity life is that wackos will wait in the woodwork to pop out at certain moments to inject a little adrenaline."

Uh, can you say pompous jerk? Does he really think his fame and wealth can sweep his wife's plagiarism under the rug? He goes on to say that his wife never saw Chef Missy Lupine's book, and that the similarities in their recipe are simply a coincidence that some unknown opportunist is choosing to capitalize on. Note that I used the title Chef. Missy Lupine is a credentialed chef with years of experience, not a bored little rich wife with too much time on her hands and more money than she can possibly spend. I hope Missy gets a nice fat chunk of it when she sues their asses off for stealing her work.