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Oprah Winfrey Will Make Your Book A Bestseller For $20,000 In Shoes 18.Oct.2007

Jessica and OprahNot content to live off her husband's millions, Jessica Seinfeld published a cookbook, Deceptively Delicious. You know, because she spends all that time slaving over a hot stove. Uh-huh. And because you can never be too rich, Jessica decided she wanted it to be a bestseller, because there's just so few cooking tomes out there. But being rich has always come easy for Mrs. Seinfeld, she didn't want to actually work for it - so what to do?

Simple. Just break out that American Express card that Jerry's always yammering on about, and go get Oprah some foot candy - exquisitely expensive shoes. Manolos, Louboutins ... drop about $20,000, Oprah will invite you for a nice, cozy chat and you can watch it fly up the list. Very nice.

Did Jerry know about his wife's little pay-for-play deal with Oprah? If he didn't before, he sure does now. Appearing yesterday to promote his new Bee Movie, Jerry was treated to Oprah's on-air gratitude (read: gloating) over the 21 pairs of pricey shoes Jessica gave her. Is that even legal? And do we really need to see the richest woman in America wallowing in her excess yet again? She'll never wear all of them - maybe she should have another big give-away, like the time she gave new cars to everyone in her audience ... but only the folks who could afford the taxes on them got to keep them. Must be nice to be a six-toed billionaire.