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Phil Spector Conviction: Celebrity Justice Quietly Served At Last In La 13.Apr.2009

Lana ClarksonThe LA County District Attorney's office must be dancing in the streets. They finally got to chalk one up in the victory column, even though it was for a case almost no one was paying attention to the second time around. Lana's family was, though, and for them this justice was sweet.

Lana Clarkson was a beautiful 40-year-old blond who never quite made it big, although she came close a few times. When the acting jobs dried up she took a job as a hostess at the House of Blues, which is where she met the legendary Motown producer. He stayed until closing and then invited her back to his place.

Once home, Spector followed a pattern he had exhibited with at least five other women previously, trying to force himself on them and becoming violent if and when they resisted. While no one can be sure exactly what happened, at the end Lana lay dead in the foyer with a gunshot wound in the roof of her mouth.

The first trial was all high drama and higher hair, with Spector's side claiming Lana committed suicide because of her career failure while the prosecution demonstrated such violence was typical behavior for Spector. In a nutshell (pardon the pun), Phil's the kind of guy that drinks too much to get it up then kicks the shit out of a girl because of it. He probably has a teeny tiny weiner, too, but that wasn't mentioned anywhere in the transcripts.

Teeny weinie or no, Spector's million-dollar defense got him a deadlocked jury the first time. The DA let the hoopla die down and tried again, and this time they got that conviction. Spector will be sentenced May 29, and he faces up to 25 years. I hope they max him out.