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Britney Spears, Speedballer: Aren't Flash Bulbs Supposed To Constrict Pupils? 27.Sep.2007

Bright lights dilated pupils = more than colored contacts, that's for sure. You can't tell me that's the epinephrine she's allegedly using to lose weight. Maybe she figures since she's getting as big as a horse she should mainline Lasix. I dunno.

Sleep much?

Britney spent the weekend in Atlanta, where she was seen looking calm, relaxed and not wasted. She got herself a new weave in that brown sugar shade that Sarah Jessica Parker seems so fond of and some colored contacts. But instead of keeping a low profile, Britney hit the clubs in her stained blouse that's two sizes too small. Someone should have told her that she was better off with her natural brown eyes; that bright blue automatically draws your attention. Combine that with the cannonball pupils and she might as well be freebasing in the Judge's driveway.

It's only a matter of time before they drop the boom on Britney if she doesn't curb her ways. Everyone says, "Why can't she just party at home? " That's easy. She has no real friends. They only want to party on her dime, and they certainly don't want to do it at her house. She might take off all her clothes and dance around again. Worse yet, unlike Paris and Lindsay, she's a mommy, and club people want nothing to do with that. It cramps their style. And so bored, lonely Britney keeps going out, risking her family for a few good rails and maybe a quick shag in the bathroom. She does like bathrooms.