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Divorce As Foreplay: Sean Penn And Robin Wright Must Have Awesome Make-up Sex 21.May.2009

Whatever floats your boat, folksHoly cow. I've heard of playing games, but this is ridiculous. It's also downright malicious to f**k with someone's head the way Sean has Robin's over the years, what with his blatant and unrepentantly public dickie-dunking. If you believe all the rumors, he's had affairs with Lindsay Lohan, Natalie Portman, Serial Miller and God knows who else. And then there were the Russian hookers he rented in the same hotel where his wife and kids were staying.

But something always makes Sean go back to Robin, and something always makes Robin take him back. Is it his guilt and remorse over yet again betraying the woman who has stayed by him for years? Not likely. Robin is an intelligent woman who's also a gifted actress just hitting the A-list. She's got her reasons for putting up with his shit, and it's not just to be his wife.

It's gotta be the make-up sex. They fight like bears then bump like bunnies. And what better way to set the mood than to rescind divorce proceedings, which is what Sean did today. There was no comment from either party, but I think Robin should be sure to get her rest - she's gonna need it.