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Lost Dog Found! Cinnabun Is Returned To Jesse And Sandra Safe And Sound 18.Feb.2010

Now that's a happy ending. Jesse James, that hot piece of man who Sandra Bullock is so lucky to be married to, has been reunited with his lost puppy Cinnabun. TMZ reports that a woman in Long Beach had taken the dog in "a while ago" and contacted Jesse when she saw Cinnabun's picture on a flier. She's a little lighter and a lot dirtier but Daddy's baby is home.

This must come as good news to Jesse and his family, who have just gone through a nasty custody battle over Jesse's daughter with his porn star ex-wife. Jesse and Sandra have been caring for the little girl for a while now because Mom had to do a year in jail for tax evasion, and then shacked up with a convicted felon as soon as she got out. Porno Mom tried to fight Jesse and Sandra for custody and visitation but couldn't keep her shit together and lost her rights. Now that Jesse's got his little girl and his Cinnabun back he must be on top of the world. I think he's just as lucky to have Sandra, too. She's a good little mommy to his daughter.