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Drrunky Girl Christina Aguilera Continues Downward Spiral 25.Feb.2011

See? Words can bring you downWhat happened to this girl? She always struck me as being a little flaky, what with all the skin she used to bare, but she seemed to have escaped that Disney curse, unlike fellow former mouser Britney. She went from overexposed tart to mom and wife smoothly, with no sign of a meltdown ... until now.

Since splitting with her husband Jordy (aka Bat Boy), Ms. Aguilera If You're Nasty has been nothing if not a sloppy, drunken mess. Her new production assistant (read: coffee gofer) boyfriend loves to take her out and get her liquored up. It's getting so everywhere she goes she makes an ass of herself. Flubbing the lyrics to the National Anthem. Falling on her ass at the Grammys. And now this.

Us Weekly reports that Christina got shitty at a family gathering recently and actually dragged the boyfriend into the bathroom for a quickie. She probably made all kinds of noise, too. She strikes me as a howler. Anyhoochiecoochieonlyworkstilyou're22, Christina's family and friends are said to be fed up with her shenanigans and there's talk of rehab. I can't see her as the type - I think she'll either pull herself together or go into seclusion. But maybe it's time she took some time to get her life together. I'm sure she can afford a vacation.