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The Trailer For Scream 4 Looks Pretty Awesome Even With Hayden Pannettiere's Haircut 02.Feb.2011

Scream 4 castThe extended trailer for Scream 4 is here and I must say it looks pretty good. I mean none of the sequels to the original were bad so why wouldn't it be? Plus it brought back all the old guys and then brought in a whole new fresh crop of young actors to make them seem even older. And then it is also just so nice to see Neve Campbell working again. Basically it looks the murderer comes back to Woodsboro and starts killing everyone in the same style that all the people were killed in the original (does this mean another garage door murder scene? That was pretty gross as I recall). And of course in the tradition of Kevin Williamson movies the films will be full of references to other horror films which Hayden makes very clear in the trailer.