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Kenny Chesney Wants You To Know: He's Slept With Every Woman He Could Find Except Squinty Zoofingers 12.Feb.2009

Does this hat make me look fat? Well, he didn't say anything about whether he did or did not actually consummate his less-than-honest union with Renee before they realized she wasn't his speed. But dammit, he wants you to know that he's bedded at least 100 ... women, I think he's talking about. (Has anyone checked the sheep lately? ) It's so hard, because his words say one thing but his body is saying something different. Even his terminology is off.

In an upcoming Playboy interview, Kenny brags of getting "more than even A-Rod, buddy. You know? I got on the boards often."

I don't know about you, but to me that sounds more like a basketball analogy than anything else. Is he talking about slamming hoops? Shooting a lay-up? Battling for control of the ball ... OK. I'll stop. I don't know enough basketball terms to continue that thread, but really, thou doth protest too much.

Kenny says that because he can come up with a "long line" of girls who can attest to his hetero-ness that he couldn't possibly be gay. That means nothing; there are plenty of gay men who screw women to keep up appearances, or even to have children. As soon as Kenny realizes it's OK for him to like men we can all stop laughing at him.