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Kimbo Strikes Again! Hollywood Maneater Snatches Calum Best From Rehabbing Lindsay. Mee-yow!! 27.Sep.2007

We warned you this would happen. Kimberly Stewart is like one of those little sucker fishes that clean up all the algae in your fishtank, just indiscriminately sucking up anything that crosses their path. Has anyone seen Tommy Lee lately?

Perfect for each other

Skank Ahoy looks pretty proud of herself, doesn't she? And Calum? He looks like he's aged 30 years since we saw him blowing rails off hooker flesh. He'll look like Keith Richard soon.

I sure hope Lindsay was finally over this douche. It's this kind of thing that can cause a serious setback for her, especially if she's struggling already. Maybe that's why she decided to stay in Utah a little longer. She knew if she saw those two together she'd lose it. Can you blame her?

But let's not feel too bad for Lindsay. She's got Richie Sambora to keep her company, at least for the weekend. In a darkened broom closet he could probably pass for Tony Allen and she for Denise Richards. Ewww. The visual on that will probably keep me up for days. And if Richie and Lindsay don't hit it off, she's got a backup waiting in the wings.Hi, I'm Harry.