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Eddie Murphy Breaks It Off With Tracey Edmonds Because Real Girls Are Boring. He's Also Sick Of Paying Bitches 16.Jan.2008

No prize thereIt's all he does. Pay the ex-wife. Pay the child support for their five kids. Pay more child support to that crazy Spice bitch. And now this one wants to cause trouble. He even paid everyone's airfare to Bora Bora so they could all watch them exchange vows and then scream at each other. It's not Eddie's fault. Bitch wouldn't listen.

Don't feel sorry for Eddie. He could father another 30 or 40 kids and still have money left over. Thank you, Norbit. He could also marry another 30 or 40 times and not be satisfied, because that's not how Eddie likes to roll. He only likes his friends to pretend to be women.

Tracey was smart, but Eddie was smarter. She finally got him to marry her, but he insisted on having the "spiritual ceremony" in Bora Bora, where it wasn't legally binding. Two weeks later, they've both sobered up and realized this wasn't going anywhere, and they've gone their separate ways. They didn't even live together; what made them think they could get married?