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Prenup In Hand, Hulk Hogan Finally Marries His Brooke-alike, Ends Up Hospitalized For The Holidays 21.Dec.2010

Coincidence? That must have been some honeymoon. Seems a far cry from Hogan's Wrestlemania days, when he would seem to come back from the brink of death and like bodyslam everyone! Fast-forward twenty years, as Hulk and Jen get married in his backyard, a nice quiet ceremony except for the bodyguard beating the paparazzi thing, and bam! A week later he's in the hospital, scheduled for back surgery and possibly laid up right through the new year. It seems like a terrible blow to the newlyweds, but maybe they can pitch it for a pay-per-view or a new reality show. If he can't wrestle he's going to need another way to keep everyone fed. It's not like anyone else in the family is going to get a real job.

At least he had the sense to get a signed prenup before getting married again. Between his divorce and his liability for his son's negligence in the accident that disfigured his best friend, Hogan literally lost millions. Now that his roid-rattled bones are breaking down he's got to know his earning potential isn't what it was. As good as things with his new wife Jennifer may be, he's not about to risk losing whatever he's got left. Can't blame the guy. And even though his new wife looks an awful lot like his daughter and not his ex-wife which is creepy weird, I hope this all works out for him. Sure seems like he could use a break.