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Ryan Reynolds Is The Sexiest Man Alive And The Green Lantern!! 18.Nov.2010

Ryan on People MagWell it was finally Ryan Reynolds turn to take the coveted title. He has definitely put in the time and exercise to win it and well you just can't beat the face. Though Ryan has been around for years and has done all kinds of films and television he has never quite crossed over to mega-star status. That will all change this summer when he takes on the iconic role of The Green Lantern. He beat out other extremely sexy man Bradley Cooper for the coveted role. The film looks a bit cartoony for my taste (even Ryan's body when he wears the suit is a bit too scarily in shape) but you know it will make millions. Blake Lively plays his love interest, Carol Ferris, and though she looks real cute the trailer doesn't exactly show off her great acting skills but what else is new. We can't see her great acting skills on Gossip Girl either because her boobs are in the way. Ryan as The Green Lantern