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Taylor Swift Gets Bangs!!! Oh And People Perform At The American Music Awards!! 22.Nov.2010

Taylor Swift at AMAsThe American Music Awards were just a ridiculous combination of crazy performances with a few awards chosen by the people or whatever. The AMAs are pretty much like the Golden Globes of the music industry. They get all the cool people to come but it doesn't mean they are going to win Oscars later. First let's address the important issues. Umm can you say NKOTBSB? Yeah me neither. It is not flowing off the tongue as smoothly as the marketing people want it to and I must say all ten of them looked kinduv awkward on stage. Though by the end of their performance I was definitely singing along but the first few minutes I was cringing a bit as the boys tried to find their notes after 15 years. They looked alright dancing but I couldn't help thinking it is so weird that these guys are all in their 40's and it is weird that like half of them were on Dancing with the Stars. Miley Cyrus also sang a song and tried to be moody (though I did enjoy her white mini-dress with a train on the red carpet) and then Ke$ha dressed up like a robot. Most importantly though Taylor Swift showed off her new bangs in a hot black suit. Perhaps she is trying to look more sophisticated for her new older boyfriend Jake Gyllenhal? And can we also talk about Christina Aguilera looking maybe a little pregnant? She was popping out of her leotard and though she was dancing on a chair she looked a little scared. Maybe this was the reason for her sudden divorce? Oh and Justin Bieber won artist of the year. Other fashion stand-outs included Jessica Alba, Mandy Moore and Katy Perry. Oh and Ke$ha had a mohawk.Miley Cyrus Jessica AlbaChristina Aguilera performingKeshaKeshaKelly OsbourneKaty Perry