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The Black Swan Girls Had To Get Even Skinnier 24.Nov.2010

Natalie and Mila actually eating in a scene from The Black SwanNatalie Portman and Mila Kunis, the stars of the highly-anticipated new ballet thriller (I am smelling the beginning of a new genre though I guess technically The Nutcracker could be considered a ballet thriller. The trailers for the new 3-D version are certainly giving me nightmares. John Turturro with a rat face? For reals? Couldn't we CGI that crap? ) Anyway, apparently it was a physically rough shoot for the two actresses though I don't feel too bad since they probably got millions to do it. Both Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis dropped 20 pounds on their already tiny frames to look like realistic ballerinas (though both of them are probably too short to actually be professional ballerinas.) Mila lost the weight in five months and said she weighed in at 95 pounds during production. She told E! it looked good on film and in pictures but "I would literally look at myself in the mirror and I was like, 'Oh my God!' ... I had no shape, no boobs no ass," she told the entertainment website. "All you saw was bone... In real life, I looked disgusting." She had to promise her mother she wouldn't go all anorexic and keep her frame that way (Mila is of wise Russian stock). Mila said she gained the weight back in days indulging in Panda Express and In and Out burgers. Mmm burgers. Natalie who already looks like a ballerina worked with a nutritionist to get even tinier. Natalie also hurt her ribs on set. She explained to David Letterman this week "I injured a rib, I like dislocated a rib, it sort of went under another one, when you get lifted it just sort of went under.? She added ? It? s funny because when I got injured I called the producer; I was like ? Could you get the medic? I need an ice pack or something right now,? and he was like, ? Oh, we don? t have a medic because it? s super low budget.? I have been working for like twenty years, I don? t even think that? s legal. I was like before you take away a medic, take away my trailer and the next day I didn? t have a trailer, I swear to God!? Natalie and Milaposter for The Black Swan