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Whoa Life Unexpected. Way To Go For Those Ratings. 18.Nov.2010

Life UnexpectedThe struggling CW show is going to go out with a bang. That is for sure. Oh and don't read this unless you are familiar with the show. The series, which has not gotten renewal for 13 more episodes on the back end, has decided violence, car crashes and lies is the way to get more viewers. Throw in a little lesbian fling and we've got Season 2 of The O.C. On last night's episode Lux's boyfriend (who is also her teacher. Did I mention that? ) thinks she should have a CT scan to help them find out the root of her learning disability. Turns out little Luxie had a stroke a few years ago which obviously, since Lux won't talk about it, was the result of being hit badly. Then cut to Lux being forced to take Emma's (Baze's anorexic and anal girlfriend) new random and slightly cute son Sam to Homecoming even though she had planned on ditching the dance and meeting her secret boyfriend. Then Sam ( a bad boy) finds a joint and a teacher ends up of course catching both Lux and Sam with the joint. Meanwhile Cate who is bored because her disastrous marriage is crumbling so she has no one to wear ridiculously cute outfits for has decided to get to the bottom of Lux's medical history by going to the foster home Tasha told her Lux lived in. The foster mom paints a picture of a violent Lux who hit a 200-pound man. Umm Lux weighs about 20 pounds and is five feet tall. Is that even possible? Cut to Cate having to pick up the kids at Homecoming and Lux freaking out when Cate tells her what she heard. Lux gets so mad she storms out followed by Tasha and she drives off in Cate's Prius with both Sam and Tasha in tow. She goes to the accusing foster mom's house where the husband comes out and drags her down the stairs and seems to pull her hair and shove her around until Tasha decides to hit the guy on the head with a shovel. Meanwhile Sam watches from the car thinking he is the least bad-ass in this trio. Now, as all television characters do, instead of remembering what self-defense is everyone panics and drives off and swears to never speak of this again. Did they think the wife who witnessed the whole thing has amnesia and doesn't have fingers to dial? Oh and then Lux crashed the car because she doesn't have a license but everyone was fine. And now Lux hates everyone and Sam figured out that Lux is dating her teacher. Plus next week Cate is pregnant and like vomits during Thanksgiving! Soon we may be in the One Tree Hill zone Life Unexpected.