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Kate Winslet - On Vomit Control 07.Sep.2011

We're not talking about the dress worn here...a lot worse things out there worthy of some projectile vomiting.

Even bigger fun is watching Ms Kate Winslet hurling her cookies on camera. That might steal any show out there. In Roman Polanski? s upcoming ? Carnage? Winslet plays an anxious Brooklyn mom who in one scene offers up her lunch at a sit-down between two parents talking out a schoolyard fight between their boys.

She told the press how she dragged her kiddies -- Mia, 10 and Joe, 7 ? to the shoot day: "My kids came to work for the vomit day, and I am so thrilled that they were there because they literally have not stopped talking about it since. It was hysterical," Winslet said.

What a mom, we do remember age 10 -- fake vomit and farts we're always top of the laughs. Fun times.

On working with Polanski -- Winslet added: "If Roman Polanski invites you to join in any project, you really don't say 'no.'" -- hmm, yeah maybe so. But don't ask him to babysit.