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Gabrielle Anwar Makes A Comeback 28.Jun.2007

Gabrielle AnwarGabrielle Anwar was one of those "it" 90s actresses. After a 90210 guest stint and a really good movie about a blind woman who jumps off of diving boards while on a horse (Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken. Rent it) she really made her mark when she became Al Pacino's tango partner in Scent of a Woman. She was in the same group as Moira Kelly, Marisa Tomei and Julie Delpy. Now yes she did dissappear for a few years to have a baby and what not but now she is ready to come back and she looks better than ever. Unlike Marisa Tomei she is not coming back as the mom of a horny teenager (One Tree Hill) but instead as the ridiculously beautiful ex-girlfriend of a burned spy (oh look at me and my fancy spy lingo. The show is Burn Notice (okay I got the lingo from the commercials) and it co-stars the plastic looking Jeffrey Donovan. Guess I will have to watch the show to learn more lingo.