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As We Predicted: Despite All Those Mommy Hormones, Jessica Alba Still A Miserable, Raging Bitch 06.Feb.2008

Don't make me get out this chairWe don't often gloat, but this time we nailed it. TOLD YOU SO!!

Since announcing her pregnancy and realizing she's never going to be able to get rid of Cash without spending a lot of money, Jessica has been a sourpuss with a bad attitude. She hates big weddings. She hates big parties. Most of all, she hates things that are littler and cuter than she is. Back in the day, that wasn't much - it's hard to be smaller than a size O. Now she hates everything - her new Prius, the washing machine, the gardener ... the list goes on and on. Unfortunately, so does Alba. "I want my kid to be a nerd," grunted the Un-Latina. Probably so he can be the breadwinner and she can break the cycle.