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Does Britney Have A Restraining Order Against Adnan? She Really Should; His Motives Are Unpure At Best 21.Jan.2008

I wonder if he left marksThe way he seems to be manhandling her in this picture is kind of scary - look at the grip he has on her arm. Reports are circulating that Britney has gotten an order of protection against Adnan. For what is uncertain; Shady Sam Lufti claims it's because Adnan is setting up photo ops to enrich himself and his employer (no, duh!), but I don't think that's enough for any judge. Either the TRO is BS or the suave lensman finally overstepped his bounds. Everyone knows she only likes people for a few weeks and then she banishes them.

The Daily Mail has an in-depth background piece about Adnan that is a little unnerving. According to their typically breathless account, Adnan has been grooming himself for such a role all his life. They quote long-term friends as calling him a "womanising chancer" and "ruthless gold-digger", stressing that he is in fact still married to someone else. That someone else, Azlynn Berry, is a smokin' hot mama who says she'll let Britney marry Adnan over her dead body. I don't think that'll happen anytime soon.