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Take Me To Your Leader: Usher To Become Scientologist. It's The Only Way To Get Rid Of Tameka. 20.Nov.2007

Live long and prosper: Barley milk is hotOtherwise you know that woman will clean his clock and walk out with his baby. And Momma would be awfully mad.

In a stunning coup for the rabid followers of Emperor Xenu, Usher is said to be in training to become a Scientologist. According to those mystical beings known as inside sources, Usher thinks it's important to raise his son as a Scientologist, although one has to wonder how he could be so sure about such a radical religion so quickly. Who's been giving him the highlights? Why, none other than little Tommy Cruise, who serves on the board of Usher's New Look Foundation.

Of course, there's no word yet on what Tameka thinks of the whole silent Scientology birthing process, but if she's wise, she'll take the Katie Holmes route - do the time, drop the kid and head to Barney's.