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Daily Mail Still Mystified About White Powder In Amy's Nose. We're Mystified She's Still Breathing. 06.Dec.2007

There's half an Alp up there

Perhaps they're couching their language to avoid threat of a libel suit. Maybe they're trying to be nice for her parents' sake. She's been stumbling around the seediest blocks in London for days running, always in the wee hours before dawn. She hasn't changed her clothes in a few days. Her teeth are rotting out of her mouth from her Popsicle diet. Has anyone started a dead pool on this girl yet? It won't be long now.

They say Amy is Britain's Britney, but it's much worse than that. While the white powder caked in her nose is most likely cocaine, her increased consumption of sweets like ice pops is more indicative of an even darker addiction: the dreaded heroin. She certainly looks like a full-blown junkie. Britney is just a half-crazy, self-absorbed slob; Amy is a helpless addict on a train she can't stop, and the people she's got coming to visit in the pre-dawn hours aren't there to check on her well-being. I used to think that Amy would be OK now that Blake is locked up indefinitely, but now I'm not so sure. Someone needs to help her before it's too late.