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Papa Joe Ain't Got Nothin' On Katherine Jackson. $36,000 A Month ... And Counting 13.Nov.2010

New coverHey, Christmas is just around the corner. Mama Jackson's got mouths to feed, presents to buy ... grandchildren to evict. It's all in a day's work for the woman who put up with Papa Joe's shit all those years. Word is she's still under his thumb; they just pretend to be separated so the estate won't separate them from the cash flow.

And oh, Lord, that cash is flowin'. Some joker crawled out of the woodwork today with eight stolen Michael Jackson songs - yours for only $300 each! Deal of the century! And Howard Mann, the ambitious entrepreneur who's been trying to nestle himself under Katherine's wing, is wheeling and dealing left and right: books, documentaries, a sit-down with Oprah ... and a juicy contract that allegedly guarantees her $10,000 per month. This contract also supposedly binds Michael's kids as well, but TMZ's sources say she doesn't have that power herself. Not that they'll let that stand in their way: They're already releasing statements on how the kids want to be in show biz. It won't be long before Papa Joe is pimping them out on the talk show circuit.

In the meantime, Papa can continue living off Katherine - you know she gives him spending money just to get rid of him - and he probably feels justified, having worked so hard to build the family dynasty, such as it is. The courts wouldn't give him Michael's money, but she will. She gets a $26,000 allowance from the estate to care for the kids and claims she needs more. Of course she does. Just think of Tito, Jermaine and LeToya and their families. Michael had to support all those people his whole life. It's no wonder he had trouble sleeping at night.