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Role Of A Lifetime: Is Nicole Kidman Wearing Pillow While Surrogate Gestates? 02.Jun.2008

Suspicious lumpiness in the hip areaDid you know they call Nicole "Granny Freeze" Down Under? Yikes. And you thought the British press was bad. That's just nasty.

Also nasty are the blind rumors that continually swirl around Nicole's petite little baby bump. Yes, she was very tall and very, very thin when she confirmed her pregnancy, but the bump, it is so tiny. It's made us all wonder if it's all for real, or just a clever publicity ruse to bide their time until the surrogate hatches.

And the alleged surrogate? None other than Nicole's baby factory sister, Antonia, who hasn't been seen in public much the last few months. Is she hiding a much larger bump on her sister's behalf? I would do that for my sister, especially if she had been dumped by her husband of ten years who also turned her adopted children against her.