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Mccain Shocker: Did The Crypt Keeper Cheat On Grampy? The Enquirer Says So 12.Nov.2008

Is that really Cindy? And they've got at least one grainy picture which, while not definite, sure looks a whole lot like she who has ice in her veins. If that wasn't damning enough, the article goes on to say that Cindy was spotted smooching and groping this long-haired younger man on several occasions, in very public places.

The lover has yet to be identified, and McCain's peeps aren't cheeping. The Enquirer alludes to the 18-year age difference between John and Cindy, but that might not mean anything. There are plenty of 72-year-old men popping those little blue pills. Grampies get horny, too, ya know.

From what I've read about the McCains' lifestyles, it wouldn't have been difficult for Cindy to maintain a relationship with someone else for the last few years. After being shunned by Washington wives still loyal to the first Mrs. McCain, Cindy chose to go back to her home state of Arizona, where she has stayed while John works in Washington. She's probably relieved that he didn't win the election ... for a lot of reasons, including her "washed up 80s rock musician" friend.