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Is Nicole Richie In Hiding Because She Doesn't Know Who Got Her Pregnant? Perhaps Jail Would Be Easier. 16.Jul.2007

Sunglasses & Balenciaga will only hide so muchOmigosh, is that true? !? It is if you believe the National Enquirer. And why wouldn't we? Lately they're right more often that they're wrong. Or more often than some of its competitors.

According to this story, Nicole is in a panic, not because she still can't keep food down or may be facing serious jail time, but because she can't figure out which of the four men she slept with in a two-week period knocked her up. Sordid, yes. Plausible? I'm not sure.

First and foremost, I just can't believe Nicole could find four guys who would have sex with her. I mean, I'd be afraid she'd crumble into pieces or simply vaporize. Try explaining that to Dad Lionel as you drop her off on the doorstep at 4AM. Just ring the doorbell and run like hell, right?

Second, and equally important: What guy in his right mind would stand by her side and get pummeled by the paps every time he goes out for a pack of smokes if he's not sure he's the babydaddy? Is his career in such a lull that he'll take publicity where he can get it?

Whatever the motivation, I still say something smells hinky here. I don't know how someone can go from anorexic and strung out to anorexic and pregnant in the blink of an eye, but now that her court case has been postponed yet again, Nicole has time to grow into her role, whatever that is.