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Sarah Palin, Your 15 Minutes Are So Up: Hillbilly Clothes Whore Sent Back To Alaska 06.Nov.2008

Thinks she'll be President some day... where she belongs. (Not that Alaska deserves a governor like that, but no one else will take her.) Maybe she can wear all those fancy new clothes to the Troopergate hearings. Sexy Sarah deserted her constituency in Alaska, and may not get the welcome home she expects.

It's already started. Newsweek has a big feature coming out on the real Sarah Palin. You know, the one who paraded around in front of staffers in a towel. The one who put new clothes, luggage and God knows what else - for her entire family - on the Republican tab. She doesn't understand maps or foreign affairs but refused to be briefed on issues before appearances. The alleged soccer mom who reduced her staff to tears on numerous occasions.

It probably comes as no surprise to PrettyBoring readers that I dislike Sarah Palin. Let's face it; she's not a very nice woman. She doesn't want to help America turn itself around. She only wants to be a star. She couldn't do it in beauty pageants, and apparently she couldn't do it in politics. Not to worry, though - I bet Larry Flynt would give her a job. Cleaning toilets.