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Big Gay Al Shows The World How Star Keeps Him From Missing His Old Friends 07.Sep.2007

I mean, really, what's a little fisting between friends? With the right delivery, Al barely notices a difference. He just wishes she'd take off her rings first.

Just like the good ol' daysI guess these two really have found their groove. They've become regulars in the Hamptons social set - they own a home in Southampton and are involved in a lot of community events - and have learned to live below the radar. That and the fact that the general public really doesn't care whether they live or die has helped them adjust to life together. One question: Who's top and who's bottom?

Now that Star has her new (and reportedly dull as a plastic butter knife) talk show on CourtTV perhaps Al will have more of a chance to slip away from time to time. The boys downtown have been clamoring for Big Gay Al to shake off his chains and come back to the bath house. Nobody does deep tissue massage like Al.