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For nearly ten years, Russell Simmons and his wife, Kimora Lee Simmons have been the king and queen of hip-hop culture. Now the monarchy is breaking down. The couple announced today that they have split up and have been separated "for some time." Many gossip sites predicted...

Kid Rock was on the Howard Stern show talking about his sex tape with Scott Stapp. kisskissandallthat transcribed the highlights here.

Smithsonian Preparing for Hip-Hop Exhibit. The Building Blocks of Rap @ the Cooler SIZZLER: Countdown to Katie's Incarceration...

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Donald Trump has it all: fame, fortune and a hot wife, model Melania Knauss. And as if that wasn?t enough, Melania has gotten even hotter by Donald?s (and most other men?s) standards. What accounts for Melania?s new transformation? The couple is expecting their first child...

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Rap moguls Irving and Christopher Lorenzo were found not guilty on Friday of laundering money for a New York drug lord.
The heads of the record label formerly known as Murder Inc had been accused of laundering up to $1m for convicted drug dealer Kenneth McGriff But they...

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Michael Jackson Is Michelle Jerkson the worst bigot in celebrity history? Just this week, her goose-stepping, anti-Jewish voice mails came to light; it was not the first time she had taken the low road against descendents of Abraham. She's being sued by Marc Schaffel,...

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The Boondocks," The wrath of Oprah can be deadly (check in with the now empty luxury store Hermes). "We should all have a healthy fear of Oprah," said Aaron McGruder, creator of "The Boondocks," talking to the New York Times. "The Boondocks" show airs next week...

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Pop Star Jessica Simpson is hitting back at the Christian group "The Resistance," weeks after the conservative group called for her to re-shoot her 'slutty' video for "These Boots Are Made For Walking." In the steamy video Jessica Simpson dances like a stripper, grinding...

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After spending some time apart June 23 for a afternoon with her son Maddox, 4, near her house in Buckinghamshire, England. According to a spy Maddox, "was very excited watching Brad ride around. He kept looking at his mother, asking when he was going to have a...

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, who had stopped off in London after her trip to Cannes, experience first hand, just how pushy the Brit paparazzi is reports Hilton was surrounded by cameramen the other night after returning to Claridge's. Her rep said, "Fifty photographers blocked our entrance....

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"Desperate Housewives" star Teri Hatcher was making out so ferociously with a Kid Rock look-a-like at Cain on Thursday night, onlookers wondered whether she was kissing him or eating him reports New York's hottest young gossip columnist , Ben Widdicombe She came to...